Badass Old Fashion Summer Sausage
14 oz
Made with our pork, combined with local beef, cured, cold smoked and aged for your mouth tasting pleasure.
Vaccuum sealed (with ingredients and labeling in according with USDA) then wrapped in classic brown paper. Product is shelf stable but refridgeration is recommended. Processed for Such and Such Farm by the good people over at Wenneman Meat Co. in St.Libory, IL (USDA certified and tested for safety and quality). Ingredients listed on label.

Contains nitrates for curing and MSG for seasoning

Available for shipping nationwide!

Summer Sausage

  • Shipping: Your products are processed to be shelf stable for shipping. Refrigeration is not required for transportation purposes. Products should be refrigerated upon receipt. Products not to be consumed within a few weeks can and should be frozen for up to few months (this will not affect taste or texture). Opened packages should be refridgeration and consumed within one week.


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