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-Meet Dave and Autumn-


We are a 120-acre homestead located near DeSoto, MO that specializes in sustainably grown produce, responsibly raised animals and other cool stuff.

We began farming in 2011 with no previous farming experience; only the dream of living a better life. And when we say no experience, we mean it. We had never grown anything other than a houseplant (we even killed an aloe plant) or raised anything other than a dog. Dave came from a construction background, working on the Cassilly Crew than built the City Museum. That, coupled with his degree in Industrial Design from Pratt, makes for one fine builder guy! We've been able to design and build all of the systems we use at the farm, keeping the farm a true DIY project. Autumn on the other hand had no construction experience and got her degree in Arts Administration. Previously she worked in the fashion department of ALIVE Magazine, served as a manager of an upscale hair salon and also taught dance. But turns out we are the perfect team. Dave works with the inanimate objects (buildings, construction, etc) and Autumn works with the living (plants and animals). 

But we couldn't do this alone. With the help of our friends, mentors and crew, we’ve been able to create a farm and a new way of life. Such and Such Farm has grown into the only “custom/boutique farm” in the St. Louis area. We grow unique heirloom produce and raise heritage animals specifically for chefs. We’re the farm you go to when you want to pick fresh heirloom tomatoes, drink some goat milk, paint a graffiti mural, ride 4-wheelers, shoot guns, blow shit up, and BBQ some of the best fucking pork you’ve ever had while drinking beer by a bonfire.

We also offer our products at Tower Grove Farmer's Markets, through our CSA and at events on our farm.  Follow us on social media for up to date info on events, markets and cute animal pictures.

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