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We grow over 120 varieties of unique and heirloom vegetables. Each February, we plant all the seeds by hand and grow them in our greenhouse. It's the best! We don't use chemicals or harmful sprays to treat our produce, those are gross. You can find our produce at farmer's markets, our farm dinners and through our CSA. 



We have a goat herd of 12 Nubian, Alpine and Mini-Nubian dairy goats. The sweetest little she beasts you'll ever meet. We raise them out on pasture and milk them by hand twice a day. With excess raw milk, we turn that into beautiful handmade soap, cheese and cajeta (Caramel sauce). Each goat has a name, and that's what makes the milk so sweet! Follow us on social media to meet Ingrid Bergman, Betty White, Lauren Bacall, Ginger Rogers and the rest of the girl gang! 


Our pigs are raised in a unique intensive rotational grazing system, comprising of 24 acres of pasture and woods. Translation? These pigs have the good life. They spend their days foraging, eating a mixture of custom blended pig feed, spent grain from Urban Chestnut and excess produce from a local produce stand. You can taste the sunshine in each bite of pork. And these pigs aren't your typical pink pig or even standard heritage hogs. No, these are Cadillacs, baby! They're a very rare special breed re-created by pig breeder, Carl Blake. These are the Swabian Halls and Ozark Black Wattles that you can only find them at a handful of farms across the country.



I am obsessed with curating a colorful array of chicken eggs! Our girls free range every day, foraging near the garden before roosting in the cedar trees at night. Their roommates are our flock of egg laying ducks that have a really nice private above ground swimming pool. 

We also do 2-3 cycles of pasture raised meat chickens throughout the year. Their chicken tractor travels around the perimeter of the garden. They reduce the amount of unwanted insects from entering the garden and are awarded with produce and fresh grass daily! 


What else are we all about? Building our own stuff out of our metal and wood shops, making maple syrup every winter, making farm made products like soap and corn grits, providing events and experiences throughout the year. Oh, and did we mention that our farm is covered in graffiti art? 



You can find us Saturday mornings at Tower Grove Farmer's Market


During the summer season we bring our fresh produce, eggs, pork and soap. We also have wood fired maple syrup (when in season), goat's milk (by pre-order only), farm made products (hand milled corn grits, smoked salts, dog treats), special farm swag like tote bags and shirts!

Click here for the interactive Tower Grove Farmer's Market map

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