Inventory will be updated throughout the week as goats continue to increase their supply. Available for on-farm pickup or at Tower Grove Farmer's Markets: 5/31, 6/7 and 6/11. Please indicate at check-out when you would like to pick-up your milk!


This liquid gold is given to us by our spoiled rotten Alpine/Nubian goats. They're the sweetest little she beasts you'll ever meet! And with names like Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Ginger Rogers and Vivian Leigh, you can't go wrong! They're fed a mixture of fresh pasture, hay and hand mixed grain.


Raw goat's milk has so many excellent benefits. It's easier to digest, high in calcium, fewer allergens and less inflammatory, naturally lower in cholesterol vs cow's milk, enhances nutrient absorption, the list goes on and on! Also, by supporting us and goats, you're supporting a small family farm vs. a large confinement dairy operation. Happy goats makes for healthy milk! Raw goat's milk is our daily drinker but it's also great for making goat's milk products like cheese, kefir and yogurt!


1/2 gallons are $6

Full gallons will be available beginning in May.


*Please do your own research before purchasing/consuming raw milk for the first time. We've included more info and a liability waiver in the images above.*


Contact us for any additional questions!

Raw Goat's Milk