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Now taking reservations for whole hogs! This payment is to reserve a processing date in May or June


How Does It Work?


Once you’ve submitted your deposit to hold your processing date, we’ll help you decide how you would like your hog butchered. We have hogs butchered once a month so please make sure to get your freezer ready! You have the option of picking it up whole and butchering it yourself or having another shop butcher it. Or we can butcher it for you!


Ryan at Farm Spirit is our in-house butcher and he (along with his team) does amazing work! He has a separate butchering order form and you can see what cut selection he offers along with his brats/sausage list.


How Much Will This Cost?


Our prices are based on hanging weight, which is the weight of a processed and gutted hog. Our price is $4.00/lb hanging weight. Our hogs generally hang between 200-240 lbs. The cost of the hog will be paid directly to Such and Such Farm, the butchering fee will be paid to Farm Spirit.


For example:

225# hog @ $4/lb = $900

Butchering fees range depending on what you prefer but an average is about $250


Then What?


Once your hog is butchered and packaged (if you choose to have Farm Spirit butcher it for you), you’ll pick it up from the farm and pay your final invoice. Pork cuts will be ready for pick-up within two weeks of processing date.


How Much Pork Will This Be?


A good estimation is for your take home butchered cuts to be about 65% of your hanging weight (225# hog = 145# of finished product) Depending on your butchering preferences, expected any combination of the following: 20-24# pork steaks, 2 large shoulder roasts, 30-35# chops, 40# ground product (breakfast sausage, brats, etc), 20-25# bacon, etc

Whole Hog: Deposit

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