Lemongrass and Sage


Our soaps are handcrafted and made wioth botanicals from our farm. We've rendered the lard from our pigs and grew the sage in our garden. A portion of the proceeds from this soap will be donated to a child entrepreneur's legal fees against local adult tattle tales.


Farmmade ingredients: lard, crushed sage

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, fragrance oil


You Need A Permit For That Lemonade Stand

  • Lard soap creates a soft, creamy lather that helps to moisturize the skin. Our skin cell membranes are made up of saturated fats, just like those found in lard. This makes for a gentle and nuturing soap versus soap that is made up of solely plant based oils (like olive oil or almond oil). Additionally, the lard makes for a harder and therefore longer lasting bar so you can feel confident using this in the shower or kitchen/bathroom soap dish. 


    Using lard in our soaps is a sustainable practice. This way we can ensure that every part of our pig is going to use, not just the meat. We can turn what would otherwise be a waste into a useful product that not only smells good but will make you feel good too!