Wellbeing Brewing: Hellraiser

Honey, Spice and Amber


Wellbeing Brewing wants you to raise hell... responsibly. Like running a red light, but with your seatbelt on. Or picking up trash while loitering. This soap is the perfect blend of spice and sweet to keep you fresh and clean while you try to bathe your pet raccoon or some shit.


Ingredients: Wellbeing Brewing beer, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, fragrance oil



Visit Wellbeing Brewing for more info about this incredible NA craft beer! 

Wellbeing Brewing: Hellraiser

  • If you like lots of bubbles and lather, then beer soap is perfect for you! 


    If you're into an all around, multi-purpose soap, beer soap is for you! Our beer soap is perfect for hands, body and as a shampoo bar. 


    If you like healthy skin and hair, beer soap is your new best friend! The hops provide skin softening amino acids. Brewer's yeast contain vitamins, nutrients and anti-bacterial properties.These excellent aspects of beer soap can help alleviate acne, irritation, frizzy hair, dry, splotchy skin and a number of skin and hair issues.