Wellbeing Brewing: Heavenly Body Golden Wheat

Hops, Ale, Apple, Citrus and Vanilla


It's a shower beer from heaven. Wellbeing's Heavenly Body is full of flavor and Americana-- and so is this soap! Feel good about what you put outside your body as well as inside. Beer soap is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants for your skin. Great for hands, hair, body and booty!


Ingredients: Wellbeing Brewing beer, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, fragrance oil




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Wellbeing Brewing: Heavenly Body

  • If you like lots of bubbles and lather, then beer soap is perfect for you! 


    If you're into an all around, multi-purpose soap, beer soap is for you! Our beer soap is perfect for hands, body and as a shampoo bar. 


    If you like healthy skin and hair, beer soap is your new best friend! The hops provide skin softening amino acids. Brewer's yeast contain vitamins, nutrients and anti-bacterial properties.These excellent aspects of beer soap can help alleviate acne, irritation, frizzy hair, dry, splotchy skin and a number of skin and hair issues.